Southern Illinois Bigfoot Society

The Southern and Northern Illinois Bigfoot Society is a group of 6 trackers from Richland County, Illinois. They are Dylan Taylor:  founder of the group, Nick and Sidney "Sindderzz" Eckel : co-Finders and Lead Operators, Tony Kuhlig: Lead Tracker and tech specialist, Dalton Williams: Destination Man and Interviewer, Will "The Main Vibe" Vibbert: Supporter and What ever the hell else he wants to do, and lest but not least Taylor Johnson: Lead Man of Walk throughs and "Caller." With 4 more REDNECK friends to bring along with us, Beau VanBaricum, Matt Dasch, Hunter and Hayden Kinkade. (they are pretty country... trust me)  The "SIBS" for short runs it's hunt for bigfoot throughout Southern Illinois, Indiana, Western Kentucky, and Eastern Missouri. So far they haven't been able to catch a glimps of the alegided bigfoot, but they will always keep looking.

This is the most famous Bigfoot photo of all time but soon SIBS will find the true bigfoot in Southern Illinois

Photo taken by Roger Patterson October 20th, 1967